Roxanne from Odessa, TX

For anyone who is tired of taking more and more medication and really desires to take control of their health but doesn’t know how or where to start, I highly recommend Carrie to you.  She helped me find out which foods my body really does not or cannot process.  She will give you a wealth of resources so you don’t have to wade through all the muck that is out there.  And she is there to encourage and guide you.  Three months will pass by whether you do something to help yourself or not.  It might be a little hard, but worth it.  Let Carrie help you through the next 3!

Alanna from Austin, TX

If you need help navigating or reaching your health and wellness goals Carrie should be your go-to resource.
Carrie specializes in women with autoimmune disorders, but her services and knowledge are applicable to any individual with any situation. Carrie developed a program for me based around stress and anxiety management along with improved body image and a lifestyle that centered around self-love rather than self-degradation.
Carrie is a true holistic health coach, in that she really considers ALL aspects when deciding how to develop your program. She is knowledgeable in alternative and eastern medicinal concepts [think meditation, herbs, affirmations, etc], but is comfortable turning to more traditional or western medicine [traditional exercise, yes you SHOULD see a doctor, etc]. Read more…

 Debbie from Odessa, TX

I can recommend Carrie without hesitation! I have fibromyalgia and the pain was ruling my life. After five months of working with Carrie I am actually pain free a large amount of the time.  When I do have a flair the pain is nowhere near as severe. I would say 90% of the flairs I have now are because of something I did.
I’ve also lost 20 pounds as a bonus.
She really listens and tailor made my plan to fit me and my lifestyle. She Rocks! Best thing I’ve ever done for my health.  Beyond Grateful, Debbie Boatright from Odessa, TX

Shannon from Austin

“Carrie helped me focus on what I wanted for my life, looking at the big picture, not just everyday problems, and with my health and well-being the prominent goal to improve! I loved talking to her, and devising my own plan of action. She is a very easy person to talk to, and has great ideas for implementing mindfulness in life. I am happy that I worked with her, and recommend her highly!”

Stephanie from Austin

“Carrie is professional, very knowledgeable, open-minded, and friendly. She gave me tons of info and ideas I can use for my specific goals. I will definitely use her services again. Highly recommended!”

Brent from Fort Collins, CO

“Carrie is a fantastic coach that offers real, one on one consultations, small manageable steps to better health and great suggestions for reworking bad habits.”

Lauri from Austin

“I now have a big picture in mind when I consider my health instead of the narrow focus I had before. I have a range of short-term and long-term goals that are going to be easy to meet because Carrie has given me a wealth of information, advice, motivation, and inspiration to give myself the same love and care that I give my children.” Lauri from Austin 

Ana from Boise

“Carrie is very good at what she does because she truly wants to help people be healthy and happy. Her commitment to her clients is evident in the compassion she exhibits while still being a commensurate professional.” Ana from Boise

Kendra from Austin

“After trying and failing to change some of my bad habits year after year, regular meetings with Carrie finally gave me the accountability I needed to make lasting changes. I would highly recommend Carrie to anyone looking to improve all aspects of their health and life.” Kendra from Austin

Linda from Odessa

“She is an awesome health/wellness coach! It was so easy to work with her as I started slowly making life changes! She took my sugar addiction when I vented and rather lashed out over my inability to achieve goals and somehow managed to turn it into positive changes!  Linda from Odessa