Review from Lauri in Austin

Carrie is amazing! First of all, I must say that we’re good friends. I wouldn’t have even considered working with a health coach otherwise because I used to think they were only for people with serious health problems. That was a huge misconception. Carrie’s approach takes the whole body and mind into consideration – so many things that we may not be aware of are contributing to our overall health, and it can be difficult to see it all objectively without help.

When we started working together, I figured Carrie would be more of a cheerleader encouraging me to stick to a diet (I was so clueless), but right from the start she dug into my health history and helped me to realize there were things I needed to be paying attention to. She did a ton of research and we learned a lot together. Each time we met, she listened intently and had questions about all areas of my life, not just what I was eating or how much I exercised. As the answers came out, she would help me realize how each element was connected and contributing to helping or hurting something else. She helped me see the power of each of my decisions, from staying within my dietary limits to controlling the amount of work I take on.

I now have a big picture in mind when I consider my health instead of the narrow focus I had before. I have a range of short term and long term goals that are going to be easy to meet because Carrie has given me a wealth of information, advice, motivation and inspiration to give myself the same love and care that I give my children. All of this has had an incredibly positive impact on my whole family. The benefits from six months of health coaching with Carrie are priceless. I can’t recommend her enough!