Individual Programs

My job is to help you gain control over your health and stop feeling burdened by your weight, your lack of energy, and/or your diagnosis. I will help you create the life you want by providing support, accountability, and information as you go through your health transformation. Which of these program options is right for you?

I work with clients face-to-face and virtually

Your Six-Month Health Overhaul: Are you sick of thinking, “When I lose weight/have more energy/get my sugar/hormones/cravings under control, then I will be happy/buy new clothes/ take that risk”? Then this is the program for you! For six months, you and I will work one-on-one twice a month to discover what foods and lifestyle changes work best for you. We figure out how to implement those things in your life while discarding those things that hold you back. This program is for anyone who is ready to examine their habits and make some serious long-term changes. Contact me for more information.

The Better Half Six-Month Transformation: Have you ever noticed how partners start to resemble each other in terms of waist circumference and energy (or lack of )? If you and your sweetie pie are done with being overweight, having low energy, and wasting money on take-out, then this is the program for you.  For six months, I meet with you and your partner twice a month to examine what things are tripping you up and holding you back from having the health and life you need. Contact me for more information.

Six-Month Diagnosis Management: Have you received an autoimmune diagnosis or been told you are pre-diabetic or diabetic? Have you suffered a host of symptoms because your hormones are out of whack?  If so, this is the program for you. Over six months, we work one-on-one twice a month to get you on a diet and lifestyle routine that will help mitigate your symptoms. Contact me for more information.