Two simple ways to meet your goals!


This post gave me a good giggle this morning. Which is awesome because laughing is the best!

So many people are struggling right now to see their New Year’s resolutions through to the end of the month, let alone the end of the year. According to the U.S. News and World Report, 80% of people will drop their resolution by the time February rolls around.

There are two main reasons I find that people, myself included, fail to meet the goals they set.

Reason #1

First, they don’t make a plan. So you have decided that you are going to cook every night so you can get out of the takeout rollercoaster. This is a great, clearly defined goal, but…but you haven’t done anything to shift your schedule. If you don’t make the space for this new habit (like meal planning and prepping on the weekend), you are going to find yourself squeezing in these homemade dishes until you are all squeezed out and revert to your old ways.

Tip 1

Create a plan. Decide what ya need to do to make this new activity happen and when you are going to do those things. Decide what day(s) and what time(s) of the day you are going to focus on those activities, and then write them down! Setting a time for the work you need to meet your goal will increase your success rate 2 to 3 times.

Reason #2

Secondly, people who fail to meet their goals throw the baby out with the bathwater. I find that many people think that if they can’t make their activity happen exactly the way they envisioned it, then they just won’t do it. For example, they set the goal of going to the gym for an hour every day, but something happens (because life!) and they only have 30 minutes. Instead of taking advantage of that 30 minutes, they hold on to their vision and do nothing. As this happens more and more (life happens), they find themselves doing less and less of what they wanted to do —  until it’s February and they have joined the 80% of people that have fallen off the resolution wagon.

Tip 2

Be imperfect. At the end of the day, our goals are about improving the quality of our lives, not about being the perfect cook or be the best gym goer. Even though we worship perfectionism in our culture, it is the killer of success and joy. So just do it! Do it imperfectly. Eventually, it will become just what you do, and you will find yourself where you want to be.

You got this!


Simple exercise to help create the life you want


It’s happening! We have made it through another year more or less in one piece which means that it’s time to celebrate and if you are like most people set a resolution for the year. And I am all about that…but I want to make an argument for doing things a little differently this year.

1. Celebrate you! I like to look back at the year and think about everything that I did or accomplished that I am proud of. I either write or say out loud “I am proud ….” Big or little it doesn’t matter, the important part is to acknowledge what you have done. And yes this is challenging because we are wired to focus on all the ways we don’t measure up but if we aren’t going to celebrate what we accomplish what’s the point of working towards any goal? So celebrate you because I guarantee you have done some amazing things. Give yourself time for this exercise and try to think of at least 30 things you are proud of.

Bonus: Do the exercise with someone you love. You can help each other recall all the amazing things that happened.

2. Determine this year’s vibe. How do you want to go through this year? What feelings do you want to have in your relationships, business, health, and your interactions with the world? I bet its to feel more love, more peace, more fulfillment and less anxiety, anger, or fear. While we can’t control the world we have control of how to respond to it. Take some time to visualize the new year and how you want to feel throughout the year.

3. Create the plan. Now its time to get to the nitty-gritty of making that vibe a reality. If you say you want to feel more loving what steps do you need to take? Are you holding on to unforgiveness? Do you need to have an uncomfortable discussion? If you want to take power over your health what will you be putting in your body? When and how will you move your body? If you want to explore that passion how are you going to schedule the time into your life? Give yourself time to create a plan that will help you live the life you want.

We create our reality- either intentionally or unintentionally- which is why this time of the year and this simple exercise is so important. If you are struggling to create a plan for yourself contact me for a free consultation. I would love to learn more about you and see if we are a good match.

I hope you have a wonderful and healthy new year!