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Food: It’s a personal thing.

Have you ever noticed there are roughly a billion different diets out there, all vying for your attention? Is paleo the way to go or raw vegan? No grains? Some grains but only gluten-free ones? Should you juice once a day, three times a day, everyday, exclusively, for x number of days?

Any research you do on any diet will pay dividends. You will find several people who have been transformed by the diet and others that had the opposite experience and believe it’s a scam. So what’s the deal? What’s a person to do? I believe that every individual is unique, and, because of this, their dietary needs are unique too. This means it’s fine to learn about dietary theories and try things out that resonate with you. However, at the end of the day, the diet that is right for you is most likely the one you cobble together by listening to your body.

My one exception to this rule is that no one, NO ONE thrives on chemicals and sugar. The diet that works for you will consist of real food. So ignore that voice that says, “Carrie, you are so right! I totally thrive on pizza and cookies.” Instead, think about how you felt after eating different kinds of real food. Maybe you felt great after eating meat, or maybe you felt sluggish. Your body will help you create the optimal diet for you.

Our bodies want to be healthy, and they tell us what we need all the time. But many of us have grown deaf to that voice, listening instead to what’s been marketed to us. I would love to help you figure out what works best for you. Contact me today for a complementary consultation.

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